Monday, February 17, 2020

February 17th

Yipee!  A holiday weekend!

This holiday I had a little helper in the food room.  

Juno is just too relaxed.

 Hobbes wants to go outside.

 But someone wants in.
 It's Millie!!!

 Skylar's people said they won't look at the blog because they would just miss him too much. 
I'm going to post a photo of him anyway.

Hi CC.  

 Q-Tip.  What a perfect name for this q-tip, nosed feline.

Hobbes just prancing around.

 Beuregard became daring and is sleeping ON TOP of her basket today.

 Under Beauregard's condo is Pepper.

 Howdy Pepper

 Peter is up to his snooping around in other cat's condos again.

 Well I guess this one is a Room with a View.

 I'm not sure if this is Alki's usual look or am I the women from Mars?

 Daisy just loves this spot.  Nice and high; nice and warm; and right by her favorite window.

 Cercie is playing the Hoky Poky I think. 

Breakfast time but it looks like Jamie and Cercie are trying to decide who's going first.  Such polite kitties.  

 Frances hangs out in a cat tent watching Brenda clean.  (Cleaning is an on going job at All My Kitties.) 

They have a few moments of love time.

 Kahless explores the room and is looking quite pretty, don't you think?

 Ron is a frequent guest.  Isn't he handsome?

 A lot of cats checked out but Saorse and LE came in yesterday.

 Here's LE.  He's such a big, handsome kitty too.

 Cooper enjoys the beautiful view outside the window veranda.


 Junebug just arrived and is already making a mess out of her litter box.  Back to the drawing board.  I gave her a much bigger one so she can just fling away.

This has been Pepper's first stay and has turned out to be a very nice boarder.  Please visit us again Pepper.

Mack LOOOVES the catio.

Mango is thinking about helping me sweep the floors, maybe with the broom?

Naaaaaw.  Jumping on the desk is much more fun.  

Roger is a HUGE cat.

Nixie gets cozy quickly upon just arriving.

 On top of the condos is Raffy's favorite spot.

 But surprise, surprise!  He's made his way to the window box.

 Marci has just decided she owns this cat veranda, so we just put her water bowl and food right out there with her PLUS a heating pad.  Ohhhhh, I know what she should get for her birthday!  The heating pad is more enjoyable that the veranda to Marci I think.

The window verandas seem to be a very popular place to be this beautiful day.  Sisters CC and Mango are willing to share.

 Manny is just The Dude!

I hope you enjoy the holiday!

Your blog host - Marie

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