Tuesday, February 25, 2020

February 25th

Happy Mardi Gras!  Throw me something, kitty!!!

Leo, baby!

Jovial Juno.  

Leo loves being pet on his face, and he has such a nice face for petting!  

Great to see you again, Elvira!

Juno in the window box.  

You are so good at finding new places to hang out in, Q-Tip.  


Jinx in white spats.  

Delightful Pete. 

Leo got warm basking in the sunlight so he's cooling off in the shade.  

Pete always comes comes when called.  


Darling Bailey.  

Dependable Pete.  


Foster loves loves LOVES the outdoors.  

Ollie puts his claws to good use scratching!  

An almost-full Cersei eclypse.  

Jaime is a trooper!  

Jinx gives off relaxed vibes.  

Investigative Ollie. 

Bloo hangs out by the entrance so that he can greet all of the customers.  

He loves putting on a show.  

Roger is a fluffy ball of cuteness! 

Sweetest Berlioz. 

Cersei is a gorgeous girl! 

Berlioz and Cersie have been hanging out together all afternoon. 

Such nice young ladies.  

Chloe is a chatter box when she first arrives.  

Sensational Sayyida!

Junebug is a rolly-polly love bug.  

Leo holds court from the computer desk chair. 

Dignified Pascal. 

Puss 'N' Boots watches over the room.  

Happy Fat Tuesday!

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