Saturday, February 29, 2020

February 29th

 Pete and Leo.  What loving kitties.



Jinx enjoying the Catio 

 Now these are some impressive claws Panther.


Foster and 
Bailey love the outdoors, rain or shine,
 or today, HAIL.

Pretty girl Chloe

Chloe takes time to sharpen up her paw knives.

 We all would really like to get down the stairs but there seems to be a road block. 

Move please Jinx.

Showcase Calliope

Calli knows how to use the cat door.

A new arrival came in but Calli didn't know what was in the green carrier.

I guess it was a bit of a rude welcome for our
Phil Collins. 

 Bloo sticks out his tongue at me.


 Here's Noodle Kitty

Sookie has taken over my chair and looks shocked when I want it back.

Oreo camera shy today.

If I missed someone please email me at and I will email you a personal photo.  

Your blog host - Marie

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