Monday, November 23, 2020

November 23, 2020

It's the Monday before Thanksgiving and we have a full house here at All My Kitties!

Harvey is such a sweet boy!

Mona is giving me kisses!

Gulliver is stunning!

Shibden is looking cute!

Shaggy is chillin in his den!

Roxy likes being in her condo!

Riga is raising the roof!

Riga posing against the garden background!

Phil Collins found a cozy place to snuggle up!

Caught Phil mid-yawn! Sorry for waking you up Phil!

Parkour is resting after giving me lots of snuggles!

Nimbus is liking the shelf in his condo!

Nando pretending he's a shelf decoration!

Nando found another spot up high to relax!

Mona is resting in her donut bed!

Maybe Nando just wanted to be near Mona!

Millie coming out from under the desk to get some snacks!

Millie enjoying some crunchies!

Maxwell looks like he is playing Twister!

Maxwell let me pet him today!

Happy to see Maxwell opening up!

Lucy is such a pretty kitty!

Riga and Harvey on the catio!

Gulliver showing off his ear tip!

Gulliver getting some pets!

Greyson likes this spot on top of a condo!

Geno stretching!

Geno wondering why I stopped petting him!

Fennel is such a cute kitten!

Chewy in his private catio section!

Blue has made herself comfortable in her basket!

Bella cozy in her den!

Bella mid-yawn! LOL

We hope you have a great and safe holiday!
All My Kitties

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