Sunday, November 8, 2020

November 8th

  • It's a glorious, fall sunday and All My Kitties
  • and this blog promises KITTENS!

  • Panther and Oreo have a three tiered condo 
  • and they prefer the top tier  

  • Beautiful, sleek Panther

  • Aziz is doing Stairmasters 

  • Panther, Aviz, and Chewy all socializing 
  • and enjoing the catio today.

  • Puss N Boots likes the highest perch in the catio
  • to get a good view of the garden.

  • This is a handsome shot of Almond.  
  • He looks almost like he belongs in the wild .

  • As promised:
  • Kittens in the house, Kittens in the house!
  • And these two are certainly roughhousing.  

  • Peek a book Sarge.

  • Missy enjoying a nother fine day out on the window veranda

  • Chewy is a big, grand cat who LOVES 
  • the catio too. 

  • Sunning himself on this lovely, fall day.

  • Here are the three amigos again.

  • Missy

This is new, first time boarder Harrington.

Misha looks so comfy.

  • Leon is a nice friendly boy.  

  • Our outdoor cat cabins are all heated with soft heated beds.

  • Is someone in this cabin?

  • Ah ha.  I was looking for you Tiger and here you are.  

  • Sarge

  • Almond

  • Here's Sailor enjoying lounging on TOP of the cat condos.  Whatever makes you happy Sailor.

  • I'm ending the blog with more, cute kitten play. 

  •  Have a great evening and a wonderful tomorrow.

  • Your blog host - Marie

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