Wednesday, November 4, 2020

November 4th, 2020

 November 4th, 2020

Today's rainy weather made it a snuggly, cozy day overall at All My Kitties!

Tiger loves cozying up in our outdoor heated dens

Milo's also getting snuggled up inside of his condo

Misha's another cat getting comfortable in bed!

Sailor's poking his head out from his nap to say hello!

And Sarge also pops his head up for a picture from his nap on top of the condos

Coconut's out and about, watching me as I clean

She was quite popular today! Here are visits from both Leon and Chewy

Chewy gets a good scratch in before our daily snuggle sesh

Lazlo's also been exploring with me, and cuddles up in his favorite basket for a midday nap

Almond's still unsure of me on his first day, but is checking out the catio!

Leon likes to follow me around and check out what I'm doing from different vantage points! (Love his tail flat on the ceiling in that second picture)

Ripley also likes to watch me, and holds my hand so she can get pets exactly where and how she wants!

Missy loves to sit on my lap and get snuggles when I'm in the office

And Nova makes an appearance for a snack!

That's all for today, hope you have a purrfect evening!

-All My Kitties

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