Friday, August 20, 2021

August 20th, 2021

 August 20th, 2021

It's starting to feel like fall here at AMK! We're having a great Friday, kicking the weekend off to a wonderful start. There are lots of cozy kitties to see, so let's jump right in!

Puss N Boots and Bootsie have both been spending some time on the catio. Puss is more of a free roamer, who likes to take the day one step at a time. Bootise is a bit more shy, but she's getting really confident here at AMK the more she comes to visit!

Caesar and Chausette have both been such lovely guests. Today, they're keeping things pretty low key and hanging around in their dens. (I am still surprised every time when they fit inside!)

Miss Cookie is still figuring out how things work around here. She loves her cozy bed in her condo, but she adventured a little bit earlier! She and Mr. Bean shared a window seat together, which was very sweet. 

Fennec and Nagi also shared a window seat today! This sibling set typically splits off to do their own thing, but today, they hung out together willingly! I think it must have been nice to stay cozy while getting some fresh air outside. 

Fifa and Olive are both settling in well. they enjoy their cozy condo, and have spent most of their day finding the best spots to lounge inside it. 

Mia and Gitana have made themselves right at home. Their den is a frequent nap spot, but during the day, they love to roam around the cattery and see what everyone is up to.

Sweet (and oh so cute) Jazz has been spending most of her free time out on the catio. It seems to be her favorite place to be when she's here. She is a lovely guest to have around!

Jules truly looked like a model today. She is SO soft and eager to hang out and cuddle with whomever will give her a bit of attention. 

Isn't miss Juniper the cutest?! Little JuneBug has found her purrfect spot - a warm basket at the top of the stairs! This is a pretty good spot for watching what everyone else is doing, AND it's a prime location to get a few pets whenever us people walk by.

Big boy Kaplan has been strutting his stuff today, slinking around the catio and finding good spots to nap. Look what a handsome man he is on his chair!

Miss Kira doesn't really care too much if you pay her attention or not - it's more a matter of if she finds YOU interesting enough to entertain her. She's keeping things loose and cozy between her yoga routine and nap schedule. 

Kuro's favorite spot - on top of the condos! This fella really adores the up high spots. He hangs out on some of our tallest shelves - a great place to have an undisturbed nap, and watch the goings on of everyone else in the cattery!

Mr. Leo is back with us, and it's like he never left! He has immediately gotten comfortable back at the cattery. This friendly guy has never met a stranger and loves to explore.

Maggie (and her adorable tongue blep) have been staying comfy in her cheetah print bed. She occasionally roams around the catio, but on a sleepy day like today, a warm bed is the place to be. 

Millie is almost 100% guaranteed to be napping somewhere in a basket at any given moment. She did a fantastic shrimp pose this afternoon! One of her favorite positions to curl up in. 

Sarge and Missy have had a great day today. Sarge was willing to helpl us out with some cleaning this morning... Or, he was at least willing to hold the cloths. Missy's been minding her own business in a comfortable bed.

Mowji's lion cut is starting to fill out. Her condo is at the perfect spot in the office - she can see out the window AND look around at what everyone else is up to, all while staying comfy and cozy in her own space. 

Newton seemed to want to keep to himself for most of his stay, but the past few days he's really warmed up to hanging around us people! He never  seemed to dislike us, but he is certainly interested in lots of pets today. 

Petunia, my girl! She's in her preferred basket today, and boy, is it cute when she rolls over. She is a total ham for the camera, showing all her good sides and begging for cuddles. 

Miss Quinoa is one of my favorite guests because she is so reliable. She never starts any kind of trouble, and is always ready to be led to her condo when it's dinner time. I love a gal who knows her routine.

Roscoe has returned to us! This handsome guy was just visiting us a few days ago, so he's back in the swing of things without a second thought. 

Sam is oh-so handsome and an absolute sweetie! He's got the best little personality, and definitely is doing great for his first time with us. He's curious and respectful, a purrfect tiny gentleman. 

Skylar found his favorite condo a few stays back, so now, we make sure to give him the one he loves! He likes to be at the top of the stairs. We keep rugs on top of the condos so other kitties can come and nap there, but I moved it to let the light in and take a few photos... He was a much bigger fan of the dim lighting instead!

Tofu's been spending all the time he can out on the catio. It's nice to get some fresh air and do some sightseeing! He's got a shelf that he particularly likes to hang around - lucky for me, it's the perfect height for petting him!

Tuckerman picked out this cat cabin a few days ago and never looked back. He comes out and hangs around to remind me when dinner time is coming up, but other than that, this guy adores his favorite cozy spot.

Zuri and Selina have unlimited confidence these days. They both are so curious and adventurous. Zuri in particular likes to sniff anything she can - I caught her standing up to sniff a clock earlier today! Selina likes to pop around and say hi to everyone as an afternoon errand.

What a great gang of kitties we have right now! I'm looking forward to the rest of this weekend with them. We'll see you again on Sunday for another update!


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