Sunday, August 8, 2021

August 8th, 2021

August 8th, 2021

What a beautiful Sunday we're having here in Seattle! It's been a lovey weekend, and this has been a great day to cap it off and have us roll into a new week. Let's see what all of our kitties have been up to!

Apollo made a friend in Duncan today - their bond lies in their agreement that this spot IS the best spot in the cattery. Purrfect for naps and surveying the land!

Arlo always gets lots of compliments when customers come by to drop off or pick up - he's such a handsome and sweet boy! He's been minding his own business, napping on the catio today.

Bird is a fun little goofball. As usual, she's got to flop around on the stairs for at least a little bit during the day. She enjoyed the lovely weather out on the catio a bit, too.

Caesar and Chausette are big kitties who are finding the coziest spots in the office. It's quite a hilarious difference between these two and our next set of siblings!

Meet Catbus and Totoro! These two munchkin kitties are joining us for the first time. They are SO tiny (they're also quite young) compared to Caesar and Chausette! So far, Catbus is really loving the chance to be super tall up on the shelves of her condo.

The most beautiful gal, Cleo, is back with us! Cleo is one of my favorite guests. She always has the cutest little look on her face, and her chirps and squeaks are just the best.

Duck doesn't love it when I come around for photos, but he DOES love his shelf on the catio! He's always perched up there. When I come by to serve dinner, I always give him a few extra cuddles before helping him to his condo.

Sibling duo Duncan and Lilly have had a day full of rest and exploration, respectively. Duncan, of course, loves the condo top with Apollo. Lilly took today to find fun new spots she hasn't been in yet!

Fennec and Nagi are another one of our sibling duos. After breakfast this morning, I caught them having a sweet little cuddle! Nagi usually keeps to herself on top of her condo during the day, while Fennec makes sure to introduce himself to everyone. 

Sweet Mr. Ganymede found a few great spots to take a nap today. He was actually face down just before the first photo was taken, but I woke him up and missed my opportunity! Io continues to wonder why I am not bringing her dinner yet. She worked up an appetite climbing to the top of the condos today. 

I was finally able to capture a picture of Goose outside of his bed today! He spent a good few hours in the window veranda, soaking up the sunshine and fresh air. 

Okay, can you even handle how cute Harvey is?! He's been a real sweetie today! We got in some good cuddles just before lunch time. 

Miss Jaina is still shy, but really building her confidence in exploring! She definitely knows where she wants to be during the day, and usually, it's the catio!

Jubilee looked down on me from above this morning while I answered some emails. On top of the desk with the light shining down upon him, he certainly looked heavenly. 

Kaplan, the big guy on campus, loves his catio. He's often out there curled up in a little basket, which is quite the funny sight for a kitty his size!

King and Tut hung out together today!! They are a great sibling duo that shares their condo well, but its rare to find them spending their spare time together. Today, they both enjoyed the catio. 

Maisie had a real fun-filled day today! She got some good one on one playtime with a feather toy, and got some fresh air. 

Millie's basket was occupied when I went to find her earlier, so she had relocated to one of our Cat Cabins out on the catio! Always a good, cozy alternative to her basket. 

Moon Unit is also a big fan of the cabins. We have 3 different ones, and Moon Unit has chosen the same one every day. I think this one has the best view of the whole catio.

Mowji curled up like a precious little angel for afternoon naptime today! She's a real sweetie, we got some quality cuddle time in today, too. 

Quinoa is a kitty that I feel like totally understands me. I'll come downstairs close to dinnertime to round everyone up and she is ready and waiting to get some cuddles before heading into her condo.

Sarge and Missy had a lovely day today. Missy is always in SOMEONE'S bed, whether it belongs to her or not. She started off in her own condo today, eventually moving to visit her friends and test out their beds, too.  

Last but not least is Yuna! Yuna explored the catio in depth today, but ultimately returned to the top of the stairs near her condo to chill out this afternoon. I'm glad she got a good look around today!

That's all we have for now! Join us again Tuesday with more photos of our sweet kitty companions!



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