Monday, August 30, 2021

August 30th, 2021

 August 30th, 2021

Happy Monday, everyone! Can you believe it... The next time we have a blog for you, it'll be SEPTEMBER! I can hardly believe how this year has flown by. For now, let's soak up the last little bit of the August... 


Sweet Braveheart has been having a blast today with her friend Juniper. 

Bunwan seems undecided on her feelings about everyone else, but she really enjoys her condo! She's a sweet, fluffy little lady. 

The boys are back! And by "The boys", I mean Dizzy and Louis, of course. These cuties just rejoined us this morning, so they're still settling in. 

I was so proud of myself for not interrupting Felix's nap earlier, I only got one photo as to not push my luck! He's been staying warm and cozy today.

My gals Ginger and Pepper are back with us! These cuties totally know how things work around here, and get right back into the swing of things with ease. I especially love getting to snuggle with Pepper while Ginger is off making new friends!

Jinx is the king of comfy around here. He's got all the best spots in the house figured out. Right here, he can see outside AND everything inside. It's a great napping spot/vantage point.

Juniper continues to be the most curious kitty we have at AMK right now. She's very polite, but definitely would like to investigate every little corner.

Pepito has absolutely figured out his ideal routine, spending plenty of time on the catio. Midnight Star tends to hang back, keeping the condo warm for when her brother returns for dinner. 

Ming and Nimbus often spend their mornings together, then split off around midday to do their own things. Nimbus chose the window seat today, while Ming found a cozy bed on top of the condos to tuck into.

Sweet Sarge and Missy! Both of these babies have a special place in my heart. Missy has been very attention hungry today, so she got a few extra cuddles this afternoon.

Mittens is almost always on this shelf of the catio. It's totally her spot, but she'll come down for dinner and cuddles if you stop by.

Mowji made a few fantastic faces today! She's been keeping her condo pretty tidy today, which I very much appreciate. 

Miss Orca likes to watch the other kitties from the comfort of her own den. She can stay warm and cozy, plus have entertainment for hours!

Oyster found a few good spots today, too. The catio is always nice for some fresh air, but there's nothing like hunkering down in a warm basket indoors.

Phoebe and Joey both found themselves up high today! They love the cozy tops of the condos, but always make sure to hop down when it's dinnertime. 

Zolo was a regular world traveler today! Upstairs, on top of cabinets, out in the fresh air... He did it all. Looks like he had a blast, too!

That's it for today! We'll see you on Wednesday as we lean in to a Seattle fall and September begins...

~ AMK 

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