Tuesday, August 24, 2021

August 24, 2021

 August 24th     

I hope everyone is having a great start of your week! Our furry friends are having a great week! 

Take a look at these cuties!

Athena is settling in well! She did not need a lot of time to adjust! She immediately went to exploring and cuddles 😀

Beesley is such a cuddle monster! He loves laying in his bed and calling out when he wants a scratch! We love to spoil him! 

Braveheart is back! She settled in like she never left! She is already off exploring and making herself comfortable 😀

Felix is settling in well! He loves his snacks and the basket in condo! He is not very interested in exploring outside of his condo but he loves when anyone comes to visit!

Jessica was off exploring today! She loves running on the top of the condos! But she was sure to come running for her photoshoot! 

Jinx is being the cutest! He loves hanging out in the catio and making sure the staff is working hard! He is a great helper 😀

Joey and Phoebe are the best little explorers! They love running around in the morning and rolling around on the clean floors 😀

Jules loves to make friends! Here is she is with Juniper playing with a fallen pen! 
What sweeties!

Juniper loves hanging out on the catio and playing with her new friend! In the pictures above, she is playing with Jules and her new favorite pen 😀

Kuma loves the condos whether it is his own condo or someone else's! He is a great visitor for the other cats! 

Isis and Mary love the top of the condos! When in doubt, they are cuddling on the top of their condo 😀

Midnight Star is out and about today! She was very interested in finding a new condo to take a nap in! 

Millie is such a easy going gal! She loves her food, napping in the sun, and the catio! What more could you want 😀

Missy loves scratches, cuddles, and all the love! 

Mittens is back and she loves the catio as usual! She can always be found at the top of the catio but as soon as you walk over, she immediately comes down for a scratch 😀

Mowji is a bit of a loner! She likes to come out her condo while everyone is down for an afternoon nap! She loves exploring on the desk! 

Pepito is such an easy going dude! He loves to lay in the sun and cuddles!

Tunie is super sassy! She always has something to say or want to play 😀

Phil Collins are especially cuddly today! He wanted the pets all day along and we had to oblige him!

Quinoa is heading home today! She was such a sweetheart her whole stay! We hope to see her soon!

Raffy is the king of the office! He loves napping on top of the condos! He comes down for water and the litterbox but mostly he like napping by the heated lamp!

Sarge is doing great! He knows what to do and where to go! And he does not appreciate anyone else's input 😀

Selina is always cool and collected! She has to balance out all of Zuri's energy! She loves gazing out the windows and being in her condo! 

Tuckerman loves the catio! He has his special cat cabin (it is the green one in the background of the left photo!) 😀

Zuri is the most energic cat! She loves to explore and sit on the back of my chair as I do computer work! 

Fun Cat Fact! The smallest cat breed in a Singapura. They are orginally from Singapore. They are around half the size of an average house cat!

All the best! And we will see you on Thursday! 


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