Friday, August 6, 2021

August 6th, 2021

 August 6th, 2021

Happy FRIDAY, everyone! The weekend is heeeere! It's been a sleepy, foggy, drizzly, cool day here in Seattle. The kitties spent most of the day finding good nap spots to hunker down. Check it out:

Ahia was kind enough to let a friend hang out in her den today, and she lounged gracefully on her top shelf. She got lots of good pets today when I came by for pictures. 

This picture of Apollo really cracks me up. He's a handsome little fella and the way he was tucked up on top of the condos was just too precious. He really likes hanging out high up!

The chill can't make it through Arlo's fluff! He spent the day on the catio catching fresh air. He looked very content every time I saw him. I just wish I could curl up with him!

Sometimes Bird has a look on her face like I just caught her doing something she wasn't supposed to - it's very funny! But this sweet girl loves the stairs - hanging out on top of them, running up and down them, whatever you can imagine.

Daniel and Fennec took turns in the window seat today, and they even sat in it together! It's so sweet watching the kitties make friends. Fennec is definitely a socialite around here.

Duck (who looks a lot like Bird, and has no relation to Goose) spent his day out on the catio, too. With so much to see in the garden, how can he waste the day inside? There's (other) birds to watch!

Pepper and Ginger are a couple of my favorite girls! Ginger is always interested in exploring the catio or the rest of the cattery during the day, while Pepper prefers to hang around where the people are. 

Handsome Harvey! He usually stays in the same condo every time he visits us, and he's so good at knowing his routine. What a handsome little guy he is! He got lots of pets for his photoshoot, too.

Ganymede and Io spent their day pretty snuggly. I came around to take pictures twice today, and the second time, I think Io thought it was dinnertime... Sorry to disappoint, sweet girl, but it's coming soon!

Jaina is still shy, but made friends with Yuna today. They hung out in Yuna's condo. There's nothing like finding a friend in another newbie to explore the world with!

Goose also had the right idea today - staying cozy in his den with his fluffy blankets! 

Kaplan is a BIG and handsome fella! He's got a lot of bobcat-esque features, but he still fits purrfectly in this little basket. He's so handsome!

King and Tut have this stuff down to a science. It seems like they alternate every day, one of them finds a cozy spot inside while the other goes outside, and they meet back up for dinner in their condo. 

Duncan and Lily have just joined us and are making themselves at home! They've been here before, so it's easier to get comfortable. 

Maisie had her bed looking rather cozy today. She went outside for just a few minutes to check out the weather, and then decided it was nicer indoors. 

Marvin is almost ALWAYS on top of this condo! It's got a lot of room on top, and he's usually the only guy up here, so I think he's claimed it for his own personal snuggle spot.

Long time visitor Millie was curled up in a perfect shrimp pose today! She absolutely adores the baskets we have on the catio, so it was no surprise to find her there.

Sarge and Missy are staying cozy too! This weather was perfect for Sarge to get snuggly, and Missy to get snuggled. 

Moon Unit here found a lovely spot to snuggle in our cat cabins on the catio. They're very cozy!

Mowji stayed cozy in her den, too, but said hello to several friends that came by! She hasn't discovered our window verandas for herself yet, but she's only been with us a short while. 

I can barely handle how cute Nagi was all day today. She was ready for naptime! 

Curious Quinoa followed me around and explored the cattery in depth today. I think she was also ready for dinner when I cam around to take pictures, she was happy to hop in her condo!

Brothers Skittle and Skillet looking rather handsome today! They both pop out every now and then for cuddles, but Skittle is more likely to want attention than Skillet.

Speedy and Potter spent the day lazing around in various locations! Potter waited patiently for his turn in the window veranda, his favorite spot to nap.

Yuna was both ready for dinner and a nap when I came by for photos! She was very proud of herself for making a friend in Jaina, and sat next to the den to show her off. 

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