Tuesday, April 12, 2022

April 12, 2022

 April 12th 

Happy Tuesday!

All of our furry friends are having a great start to the week!

Rascal is being his usual snuggly self! He is not a huge fan of his special diet so we have been mixing in some treats!

Archie is such a love bug! He loves the high places in the room or snuggling in someone's arms!

CC and Mango are very smart kitties! Every afternoon, they wait patiently in their condo for breakfast!

Duncan and Lily are off on separate adventures! Lily has been interested in the catio while Duncan loves the top of the stairs!

Duncan and Skyler, the start of a beautiful friendship!

Honey, Jimmy, Peachy, and Sammy are all doing well1 Honey, Jimmy, and Sammy have been great explores this last couple of days! Peachy loves the baskets at the top of the stairs!

Jojo and Minkah are great explorers! Jojo loves to explore the catio! While Minkah loves to explore inside!

Maggie loves her favorite! She does not want to share it with anyone! She is not interested in any visitors at the moment!

Obi has a new favorite toy! He is obsessed with it and will bring it to me to play!

Oyster is such a silly guy! He loves to be in on all of the action! Anything is happening and he will run to see what it is!

Raleigh loves the catio and his basket! When you are looking for him, first place to try is definitely the basket in the middle of the catio where he can see everything!

Waffles is still a little shy! She has not been too interested in exploring! She does love to eat though! 

Zeus has been settling in well! He is a very curious guy and has been exploring the other condos!

Chef is making a new friend in Rascal! They have taken to sharing the top of one condo!

Jules is being his usual friendly self! He is busy greeting every customer to comes in so he usually can be found at the front of the catio!

Sophie is a sweet lady! She loves her routine! Every morning, she patrols the facility before finding the best place to nap!

Skyler has warmed already! He cannot say no to a good head rub!

L.E. And Saiorse are feeling very snuggly! With this cooler weather, they love to hangout in the different beds and baskets!

Biggie and Meredith are both very friendly! Meredith is more interested in exploring! Today, she sat in the window boxes! Biggie, on the other hand, loves his basket! 


Nimbus loves exploring the catio! He is very helpful to me as he is quick to point out a spot while cleaning! 

Hana and Yuki decided to take a break from work today! We have a full house this week! Hana and Yuki wanted a break from all the action! 

Tuckerman is never far from his favorite cat cabin! He loves the afternoon naps on his favorite heating pad!

Kuma loves the top of the stairs! He is always quick to run up the stairs if he hears me enter!

Junebug and Roger love playing in their water dishes! They love slapping the water and watching it run through their condo!

Nina is all about exploring! First thing in the morning, she was out and about! She loves the tops of the condos!

Loki is settling back in well! He is a great eater! He is not interested in making friends yet but he always warms up! 

Cat Fun Fact! The African Wildcat is the ancestor of the Domestic cat. This species of cat is widely distributed and has a wide variety of coat colors to help it blend into its environment! The International Species Information Service lists 180 in zoos worldwide, with 66 being in the U.S! They are very rare!

We will see you all on Thursday!



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