Tuesday, April 26, 2022

April 26, 2022

 April 26th

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

Our furry friends are enjoying the sunshine! They are all shedding like crazy getting ready for their summer bodies!

Some friends hanging out together in the window boxes! Everyone want to share the sunshine! 

Honey is such a sweetie! Jimmy is a ham! Peachy is a dolly! And Sammy loves to have adventures!

Millie has discovered that she loves the tops of the condos! She loves to nap on the heating pads!

Nasfuratu is the newest furry friend! He is settling in well and eager to explore!

Zeus is a sweetie who loves to hangout on the top of the condos!

Jon Robie loves his peace and quiet! He is not interested in what the kids are doing these days! He just wants a heating pad and a nap!

Pip wants action all the time! He is always zooming around looking for the next big thing!

Roxanne just wants cuddles! She always greets me at the door and is a great start to my morning!

Marceline just wants to play! She will play with anything, my hair, shoelaces, and toys a like!

Stitch has made a new friend! He loves Pip's energy and zooms after him all day! It was very hard to get a photo of him today, he is in constant motion! 

Josslyn is a sweetie! She loves exploring first thing in the morning while all the other cats are eating breakfast! She likes her quiet time!

Kiva is a little grumpy still! She is not interested yet in exploring or making friends!

Simba loves the catio! Every morning, he comes downstairs and immediately goes outside!

 Schrondinger is settling in well! He has been doing a lot of exploring today and yesterday!

Pancake is a sweet guy! He loves watching the birds in the garden and a good head rub!

Mango has been doing a lot of exploring! He loves napping in other's condo and hanging out in the window boxes!

Cat Fun Facts! Stubbs, a 17-year-old orange tabby, is mayor of the historic district of Talkeetna, Alaska!

We will see you all on Thursday!



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