Monday, April 18, 2022

April 18th, 2022

 April 18th, 2022

Happy Monday, friends! We hope you had a lovely Easter weekend. Did the Easter Bunny visit you?
(This is our manager's kitty, Lewis! He actually enjoyed wearing the bunny ears yesterday.)
Let's jump into today's gang of furry friends!

Sammy, Jimmy, Peachy, and Honey are having a good day! It's been pretty busy around here with lots of checkouts now that Spring Break is over, but our quartet is here to help us hold down the fort!

Arthur has been entertaining us today with his adorable meow. We've had a few conversations back and forth today, and a couple of nice cuddles, too. Nothing like spending a rainy day with a cozy friend!

Jon Robie is NOT interested in leaving his comfy basket today. Didn't you hear it's raining and a little chilly? It's one of those classic "April Showers" type days, perfect for a nap.

Miss Juniper went out on the catio this morning to do a bit of yoga! She looks nearly identical to Obi, but she's a little more dainty with her tiny tail.

Mr. Leopold Daniel Tiger is hanging out downstairs this trip! He's getting to meet lots of new faces and enjoy the fresh air out on the catio.

Maggie wanted to say hi earlier as we went around taking our blog photos! She was interested in having a little photoshoot.

Obi made space in his schedule for us, too! Look at that handsome face. Can you tell the difference between Obi and Juniper?

Orchid is looking absolutely regal today, cozy and curled up in her den. We had a nice snuggle earlier, she's such a lovely little princess.

Pip, a new guest with us, did not have time to pencil in a photoshoot today! He was a busy kitty on the move! We'll make plans in advance next time.

Our sweet baby boy, Rascal, is enjoying a spot that Chef is normally in. Since Chef went home earlier today, Rascal is happy to take his spot!

Miss Roxy is keeping cozy today in her den with her heating pad - I would love to be her size and curl up with her! So snug.

Teddy was a total supermodel today! Maybe he can tell Pip a bit more about the modeling aspect of their vacation with us. So sweet.

And last but not least, we have Zeus! We got a few proper shots, and one silly one, just because he was being adorable.

What a great group we have! We really get to meet the best cats in Seattle, I'm sure of it. 😻 We'll be back on Wednesday with more of our sweet friends!


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