Saturday, April 9, 2022

April 9th, 2022

 April 9th, 2022

Hi friends! Thank you all so much for your patience yesterday. We are hitting our busy season AND trying to work out scheduling as we add another wonderful cat lover to our team! I've got a blog for you today, AND I'll still have another one coming out tomorrow so we'll stay on track with our regular blog days. Please forgive me if I skipped anyone today - with Spring Break this week, we are SLAMMED! Now, without further ado, let's see those kitties!

Honey, Peachy, Jimmy, and Sammy have all had a lovely day! Peachy is the shiest of the four, but she still manages to find nice, quiet spots that suit her tastes around the cattery. Honey is a super model! Jimmy is a handsome little cuddle bug, and both Honey and Sammy loved getting some chin scratches today.

Albi has had a great day, full of adventure! There's nothing quite like hanging out on the catio in the springtime, the birds are active and curious and the flowers are blooming and beautiful.

Archie's starting to get the hang of things! It took him a little while to warm up, but that's to be expected - today, he's been exploring with confidence, and accepting lots of love and pets along the way.

Biggie Smalls and Meredith Grey just joined us yesterday! They're still settling in, but so far so good! I think their comfy dens are definitely a highlight to their stay.

CC and Mango are both out and about and looking gorgeous today! These beautiful girls just look like they were made for spring with their vibrant fur and eyes. 

Chef has been a little ham today! He spent a good portion of the day curled up napping on top of my desk, but he also got to play and roll around on the floor for a while this morning!

Looks like chin scratches were popular all around today! Minkah especially got some good scritches. Jojo curled un in a cozy basket to watch the other kitties as they went about their business. It's a good day to people watch!... Er, cat watch, I suppose!

Jules has been up to his usual - being super handsome and sweet to all he comes across. He got lots of compliments from other customers today when he strutted out onto the catio during a drop off or two!

Oh, Mac and Octane... These two crack me up. Mac loves to yell at me when I'm answering emails, so we usually have a nice little morning chat. Then after breakfast, both sweeties go about their day exploring the window seats, comfy spots to nap, and meeting the other kitties!

Mittens, a guest who has stayed with us many times before, is looking super comfy and cozy in her heated basket out on the catio.

Oyster did lots of exploring and looking around today! He looked so handsome just sitting on the catio all proper. 

Gorgeous gal Pepper has been enjoying the nice weather on the catio today, too. She's always so great to have around, I love getting in some quality cuddles with her!

Purcy has found a nook that he just loves. He likes sitting on this shelf behind one of the condos! It fits him just right, and he can see everything else in the office.

Purcy invited Rascal to come hang out nearby this morning, so they got to hang out close to each other for a bit. Then, Rascal decided to come down and steal my chair. I can't complain, though, because when I pick him up to move him, I get LOTS of cuddles!!

Skyler is a special kind of kitty who is just pleased to be doing his own thing. He's got a stoic look about him, but he's pretty content to just mind his own business. 

And last but not least, we have Sophie! Sophie was in one of the first groups of kitties I got to hang out with when I started working at AMK - just about this time last year! It's great to spend some time with her again.

That's it for today! Again, apologies if your baby is not included - I'll try to double back and snap a few photos of the ones I missed to add in a little while, but we WILL have a full and proper blog again tomorrow! Thanks so much for your patience with us, as we gear up for another season of kitty lovin'!


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