Sunday, April 24, 2022

April 24th, 2022

April 24th, 2022

A purrrfect day to hang outside with some friends!

Happy Sunday! What a phenomenally gorgeous day we're having today in Seattle. It's sunny, it's 65 degrees, the mountain is out... And the kitties are up and moving! Let's see what they're up to today!

The Fantastic Four are doing great, as usual. Peachy has really warmed up to us! She was pretty shy there for a while, but we're friends now. Honey and Jimmy like hanging out together even when they don't have to, and Sammy has been taking lots of leisurely naps out on the catio. 

Handsome Bazbeaux is soaking up the sun out on the catio, too! Just look at those fluffy little bean toes.

Everyone got the invitation to come out on the catio today! Brutus is more interested in following us humans around, but Hyra loves to spend some alone time out in the fresh air.

Sweet, sleepy boys Catsby and Cheese are having a sweet little afternoon. Catsby gave one of our staff members a nice hairdo earlier when she bent down near him! Now that he's put in a hard day's work at the hair salon, it's time to wind down.

Celine seemed to dislike her den in her condo, so I swapped it for a more flat bed and she is so pleased with it! It's her favorite place to curl up and nap now.

Eve found this secret hidden bed that has a heating pad in it! It's the best spot for a little kitty to get a little cozy.

Lovely ladies Fennel and Shibden are chilling big time today - Fennel especially is doing some fun little yoga moves in their condo!

Gary and I have been chatting together all morning! We've talked about the weather, our favorite movies, what cat food he likes best... So much to discuss.

This adorably hilarious photo of Jasper just deserved a little close up feature, too. He's been a fantastic guest, and I love this silly little expression he's got on here!

Jon Robie is doing a Sunday the way I'd want to - lots of naps! Scooch over and let me get in there too, buddy!

Josslyn did a bit of exploring today! This beautiful little lady has been such a joy to get to know. She's curious and so soft!

I took this photo of Kai and Kona immediately after I sneezed, and it's safe to say they weren't fans of that sudden noise! Sorry, boys, it's just seasonal allergies!

Beautiful, hairless Maeve is doing great! We had some great cuddles earlier. She has her blanket from home back in her condo now to keep her feeling safe and cozy - she had to give it a little sniff and investigation before I could actually put it in her den for her. Gotta make sure everything is up to her standards!

Marceline is being a perfect little goofball today. We've had lots of fun playing with toys, birdwatching, and she's even gotten a few cozy naps in. She's really making the most of her day!

Millie! This sweet gal has been coming to AMK for years now. It warmed my heart so much to see her flopping around on the catio playing with a catnip toy earlier!

Nittany found the perfect nap spot where he won't be bothered - up high!

This is Pancake! It's his first time staying with us, and he's settling in wonderfully. He's a big fan of his condo, and he's started exploring the office, too! For some reason, I keep wanting to call him "Popcorn"... He politely corrects me with a little "No" sounding meow when I slip up!

Pip is going in for that head rub! He's having a fun day of adventure, too, but it's important to get quality time with your human friends amidst your adventures.

I think every photo of Roxanne solidifies my belief that she deserves to be a supermodel or some kind of Fancy Feast brand ambassador! Her stunning eyes just blow me away.

Simba got to hang out on the catio for a bit today, too! He's a sweet little goofball.

My boy Stitch! He's always a blast to have around. He keeps us entertained and on our toes with his goofy antics! Today, we decided that he looks a LOT like Jiji, the cat from Kiki's Delivery Service!

Sylvia has totally blossomed this week. I've seen her exploring all over the place! High up spots, like on top of the condos, are a real favorite of hers right now, though she also enjoys our window seats quite a bit.

Zeus looks like he's been caught red handed here! Hehe, don't worry Zeus, you aren't in trouble. He got his redemption with this total model shot while he was outside earlier.

That's our gang of kitties for today! A few of our guests were uninterested in scheduling a photoshoot - if you don't see your baby here, don't worry! They've been keeping cozy and quiet, and I just didn't want to disturb them by trying to put my phone in their face. I'm so pleased with our group right now - each week I think it's better than the last, but the truth is, all our kitty guests are just lovely. 

See you again on Tuesday!



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  1. Oh that warms my heart too to see Millie playing with a toy and sunning on the various. Thank you ❤️