Friday, July 15, 2022

July 15, 2022

 July 15th

    Happy Friday! The cats and AMK team are pushing "fur"ward into     the weekend with open arms...errrr...paws!

Primrose is such a sweetheart, she can't help but beg for pets, and we can't can't help giving them to her on command!

Skyler is a busy boy, whether visiting somekitty else's condo or roaming the catio, he's got business to do!

Yuna is such a lovebug, she's been loving to flop over on my feet and demand pets!

Arlo has been enjoying the highest shelves on the catio, while Remy just wants to find someplace cool to relax and take a cat nap!

Oscar loves the tops of the condos, he can quickly greet us and keep an eye on all the goings on around here!

Jinx is also a busy boy, but he never turns down a good pet!

Brutus was quieter today and settled for a nice nap in the cat tree, while Hyra popped up to say hello before continuing her nap.

Monkey is a very chatty guy, he's been roaming all over the hotel singing his praises!

Pancake is such a sweetheart, he likes to greet us at the office door and gets lots of pets! He's been making friends with Groot + Thor!

Pepper has become more comfortable and took to a spot on top of the condo!

Phil Collins has been checking out everyone's condos and doing it in style!

Buzz + Kiwi were being social butterflies out on the catio!

Jubilee has been taking residence in the window beds and also hanging out with Pancake!

Groot has been such a sweetie, he was trying to help me with all the "paw"ffice work! Thor + Groot have both made good buddies with Pancake!

Maggie has been singing up a storm for us and all the other kitties!

Roxanne, ever as cool as a cucumber, has her favorite catio bed, that is for sure!

Roscoe has been greeting us enthusiastically and escorting us up and down the stairs!

Bootsie loves a comfy cool spot, while Puss n' Boots has been chatting it up with the other kitties on the catio!

Mak has still preferred the com-"fur"t of his own condo and bed, but he did get out and roam a little today!

Cupcake + Remi are taking it easy in their condos cuddling eachother so sweetly! Kiba was very very sweet and demanded lots of pets from me!

Jade found the best hiding spot all the way near the ceiling so she could keep a close eye on all the happenings and judge accordingly!

Jazz was making good conversation with us this afternoon!

We will see you all on Sunday!



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