Thursday, July 21, 2022

July, 21st, 2022

 July, 21st

Happy Thursday everyone! It's getting toasty out there, but inside the kitties are staying cool with our A/C!

Anastasia relaxing in her favorite window seat, and Elsa who has been loving the catnip toys!

Billie who is almost always relaxing on the catio!

Archie is still settling in but loves a good nap in his cozy basket!

Buzz and Kiwi both love being high up where they can keep an eye on everything!

Dizzy enjoying some afternoon yoga!

Enzo and Bella both loving their time on the catio!

Condi just arrived yesterday but has been loving her time already, lots of playtime and pets today!

Hana and Yuki both taking it easy for the day!

Jack is a sleepy boy today, he has found a perfect nap spot in one of the basket beds!

Jade getting her sun tan on!

Jazz in her favorite spot with one of our heated beds!

Leo and Will still settling in but keeping each other great cuddle company!

Luna waiting patiently for dinner!

Maggie almost camouflages into her bed, where she spends the majority of her time napping!

Mimi keeping her bright eyes on all the commotion!

Pepper watching for birds!

Phill Collins can almost always be found snoozin' in his condo!

Pikku and Runo love to hangout at the top of the stairs!

Simba had a busy morning in the sun, but has now settled in for a nap!

Skyler in his usual cubby spot!

Kermit and Jump just arrived, but have already settled in for pets and playtime!

We will see you all on Caturday!



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