Thursday, July 7, 2022

July, 7th, 2022

 July, 7th

Happy Thursday! 

And Happy national macaroni day!

Almond lounging around for the afternoon!

Arlo in for a nap and Remy getting more comfortable and ready to explore!

Brutus and Hyra catching the breeze on the catio!

Elsie taking it easy in her condo, still getting comfortable!

Ernie and Goldie taking on the catio for some exploring time!

Esme keeping an eye on everyone!

Frida has decided today is a nap day!

Harvey on the move, wanting to know everything that goes on at AMK!

Jinx who has found a new favorite spot in on of our hidey huts!

    Joey and Phoebe relaxing after some head scratches!

Letty still warming up but loving her cozy basket bed!

Mango always rolling around for pets and cuddles!

Maya loves the catio,  today is the perfect weather for bird watching!

Mika napping in one of our heated beds!

Millie can be found almost anywhere, but she will always be napping!

Milo curled up in his bed for the evening, still getting comfortable!

Petunia keeping an eye on all the kitties from the top of the condo!

Poseidon loves to follow us around waiting for pets and head scratches!

Primrose who had just woken up from a nap, ready for dinner!

Rascal mid-stretch, he's been a sleepy boy today!

Riggs absolutely loving the basket beds!

Skyler in his favorite spot!

Taco keeping it relaxed in her basket bed!


Waffles bird and squirrel watching!

Yuna chilling out after some playtime!

We will see you all on Saturday!
AMK Team

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