Wednesday, July 27, 2022

July, 27th, 2022

 July, 27th

Happy Wednesday! The kitties are keeping cool inside with our A/C and we hope you all are keeping cool as well!

Archie is making new friends!

Aziz is chatty as ever giving us the cutest smile!

Buzz and Kiwi had some adventure time on the catio but eventually came inside for the A/C!

Ernie has been napping away and Goldie is getting some sun in before it gets too toasty!

Jack has been exploring the top of the stairs today!

Juno who has just woken up from a very cozy nap!

Leopold Daniel taking on new heights and exploring today!


Leo loves his quiet condo while Will loves the catio, but both love attention!

Luna and Purr-C having a relaxing afternoon in their condo!

Marvin in his usual spot way up high, but always comes down for pets!

Mimi giving us a little wave!

Mojito deep asleep after some playtime with Archie!

Oreo and Panther are still getting comfortable but enjoy their condo where they can nap!

Pixel loving all the toys, and all the pets!

Roo looking poised atop her basket bed!

Schatzi almost too tired for the pawpurratzi today! 

Doughnut found a high spot to watch over everything and Spaghetti who has already explored the whole cattery!

Watson is a shy boy but he loves when i come over for pets!

Zelda can be hard to see as she loves to curl up in her bed for naps!

See you all on Friday!




  1. Omg this is Archie’s first cat friend!! :’) Made our day go see him with Mojito <3

    1. Proud mom of Mojito here.. happy to see my little guy has made such a handsome little friend!

  2. Many thanks for loving up Leo and Will. They do appreciate petting and head rubs, always!