Tuesday, July 5, 2022

July 5th, 2022

Happy Tuesday!

Hopefully everyone had a great day yesterday. We had the music playing for the cats to help soothe them during the fireworks. All the cats are enjoying the sunshine this morning. 

Arlo & Remy

These two just joined us yesterday. Arlo found a nice spot in the sun outside, while Remy is still getting used to her new surroundings. She loves to be pet and comforted though.


This lazy lady is napping in the upstairs where it is quiet. She goes out on the catio as well.


Yuna is really warming up to being here. Finally being more social and loves being outside.


She found a hidden spot outside where she can watch the birds!


I could not get a good picture of Primrose Sunday, but today, she gave a beautiful glamour shot. She mainly sticks to the sunny corner in her condo.


He is the first who wants to be out of his condo in the morning. He likes his adventures here.


She is currently outside as well. She enjoys being downstairs where she can roam the catio.

Ernie & Goldie

Goldie has become a lot more outgoing and courageous. Ernie will make a couple rounds but prefers the security of the condo.


She is mid-nap here. She just got her lunch and is enjoying the quiet day.


This is a funny picture of Maya. She was putting on a show for the camera and loves attention.


Poof prefers being upstairs where it is quieter, but will do occasional rounds to check-in with the other kitties.


Riggs likes being on the catio. As soon as we let him out of his condo in the morning, he goes straight outside.


Jules has BIG eyes in this picture. He is doing great and enjoying the nice weather.


Almond is inside and outside. Nothing seems to phase this cat. 


Jinx was upstairs this morning, but quickly went back to his favorite spot in the cat tree.


Skyler knows where to be! This has been deemed Skyler's quarters.


Taco is quiet and shy, but likes to be pet. AND Taco finally came out of the condo to investigate the room. 

Joey & Phoebe

These two are everywhere. They like to be high on top of the condos to snooze and watch what is happening.


Letty is still shy. She likes the comfort and security of her bed.


Mango has completely warmed up to being here! He is cuddly, adventurous, and becoming quite social with Rascal.


Rascal wants to be in the middle of the computer and paperwork. He will not be deprived of attention. ;)

Thanks, everyone! We will post another blog on Thursday. 


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