Friday, August 12, 2022

August, 12th, 2022

 August, 12th

Happy Friday, it's almost the weekend and all the kitties are relaxing away!

Chef is as comfy as ever!

Audrey loving her hidey spot in her condo!

Bailey getting in some good pets!

Becky has been doing lots of exploring!

Bubba is still adjusting but is very cozy in his condo!

 Bootsie in her favorite bed on the catio, and Puss N' Boots getting some bird watching in!

Cinder getting some good playtime in!

Hana and Yuki comfortable as ever in their favorite nap spots!

Prince Jammy *Jam-Jam* isn't much of an explorer but is very content in his condo!

Kuro keeping it chill in one of the basket beds!

Mac and Octane are both very vocal and always looking for pets!

Sven right before he did some exploring and Meow-Meow bird watching from her new favorite spot!

Musubi loves relaxing!

Noco did a bit of exploring at the top of the stairs this morning!

Peanut likes the quiet in her condo!

Porkchop is a shy gal but did venture out to sniff around!

Quincy  keeping an eye on the squirrels and birds!

Roxanne found a catnip banana toy and has been attached ever since!

Shaggy loving the breeze!

Tobic wants to be friends with everyone and he loves to chat!

Jiji scoping out the top of the condos and Yasu admiring the clean floors!

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