Monday, August 22, 2022

August 22nd,

 August 22, 2022

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Quorra likes to be up high and look down on everything!

Quincy likes to cool his belly on the Catio floor!

Prince Jam decided to sleep in this Monday! He has been busy exploring other cat's condos!

Noco loves to make sure everyone knows she there!

Sven and Meow Meow were a lot of help in the office with their snoozing and staring!

Kuro loves her little nook in the Catio!

Koi and Sven have become fast friends and love to do everything together!

Nabi is always ready so some attention and pets!

Kai and Kona are happy to sleep the day away together!

Mary and Isis take turns exploring and napping!

Hana and Yuki love their spots on top of the condos!

Nagi and Fennec love to explore the Catio!

Dorothy loves to get pets from everyone who passes by!

Cooper loves to watch everybody from is comfy spot!

Cairo choose a sunny spot for his modeling picture!

Biggie and Meredith love to follow you around the Catio!

Francis and Beans love their pets and cuddles!

Bean loves his condo!

Atlas and Stella are happy to chill or explore!

Oliver loves to greet you at the stairs!

Wilson loves to get attention!

Waffles wanted to get some belly rubs this morning!

Lilly loves her quiet time!

Tula loves to sleep in way past noon!

Arya Stark likes her peace and quiet!

Apollo loves his spot on top of the condos!

Fun Cat Fact:
When cats climb a tree, they can't go back down it head first. This is because their claws are facing the same way, instead, they have to go back down backward!

See you all on Wednesday!!



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