Thursday, August 4, 2022

August 4, 2022

 August 4th

Happy Thursday! 

Everyone is settling into a cloudy day worthy of a good nap!

Archie has been his usually snuggle cuddly self! He just wants to be with people and other cats!

Archie is making friends! He is not sure about this but in the end, he liked Mila!

Chef loves a clean floor! He is a strict inspector! 

Chip has settled in! She loves the catio as always! She is not interested in the other cats yet!

Clovis loves his condo! He has been very comfy in his basket with his blankets!

Drake is a climber! He is always on the move!

Juno has settled in for a good long nap behind the computer!

Kuro is not very interested in exploring the catio yet! He loves going in the different condos though!

Leo has the loudest purr and snore! What a cutie! Will does not have the time for naps! He is off exploring!

Luna and Purr-C are such cuties! The only thing they love more the cuddles is food!

Marvin loves to be up high! He has his favorite bed on the highest point!

Both Mila and Klatka have been off exploring! 

Mittens loves the catio in the rain! A great place for a nap!

Napa loves to explore! She loves trying out other condos and baskets!

Oontz is off exploring this morning before settling in for a great nap!

Taco has been exploring today! She loves to watch the birds in the garden!

Zelda loves napping in Drake's condo! He is always surprised to find her there!

Cat Fun Fact! Neutered males live 62% longer than unneutered cats, and spayed females live 39% longer than unspayed females!

We will see you all on Saturday!



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