Tuesday, August 16, 2022

August 16, 2022

 August 16th

Happy Tuesday, Everyone! 

All the cats are enjoying the warm weather!

Babka loves his condo and likes his quiet space!

Chloe loves to greet everyone and in happy in her bed!

Frodo is happy hanging around in his condo!

Ernie and Goldie were happy to get pets and greet everyone! 

Hana and Yuki wanted some sibling bonding time today!

Harvey wanted lots of pets and cuddles today!

Prince Jam was enjoying looking out the window from his condo!

Kuro was happy to curl up and take a nap all day!

Mittens was enjoying the warm weather by taking plenty of naps!

Musubi loves her condo and her quiet time!

Noco loves to be the center of attention and exploring the catio!

Pixel is enjoying his condo and cuddles!

Rainier and Pumpkin are having fun exploring the office!

Quincy loves having the breeze flow through is coat!

Shaggy greets everyone as they walk by his condo!

Sven and Meow Meow love the window boxes!

Tobic loves to say hello to everyone while hanging out in the catio!

Fun Cat Fact:
Male cats are more likely to be left-pawed, while female cats are more likely to be right-pawed!

See you all on Thursday!

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