Tuesday, August 2, 2022

August, 2nd, 2022

 August, 2nd

Happy Tuesday everyone, it's looking like we're finally getting some cooler weather and the cats are happy to be exploring the catio without the heat!

Archie keeping cozy in his condo today!

Brutus and Hyra both love the catio!

Chef deciding if he should birdwatch!

Archie enjoying the attention this morning!

Goldie in his regular spot on the catio and Ernie meowing away for some pets!

Leopold Daniel Tiger keeping a good look on everything from high up!

Leo always enjoying the catio, and Will who loves his condo but comes out for pets!

Luna and Purr-C love any and all attention!

Mila and Zlatka loving their naps but will always wake up for some attention!

Marvin taking it easy for the day!

Mittens getting in some quality spa time!

Oontz has done lots of exploring today, and now looking for the perfect nap spot!

Napa flat as a pancake and cozy as a potato!

Rizzo looking like a model!

Zelda decided to venture out of her condo today and stretched those little legs!

Juno napping away after a busy morning of bird watching!

That's all for today - We will see you all on Thursday! 


The AMK Team

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