Thursday, November 10, 2022

November 10, 2022


We have the heating pads and extra blankets out! 
Tari being an angel, napping on top of the condos

Sven also condo napping, while Meow Meow is in her normal window spot

Scarlett getting some shoulder time and Felix comes out for treats

Dinah Loves a sunny catio day, 

Big stretches on the catio for Billie

Jessica ready for her close up

Mika has heard this door leads to a "food room" and would like to verify. 

Guinness & Jasmine have different ideas of relaxing

Patrick before and after snacks

Hugo is the sweetest guy. Today he's exploring upstairs. 

Bella just chilling & Luna coming in for those pets. 

Nina says that I woke her up. 

Ben has many faces. 

Bandi & Natsu hanging out in a cubbie together, coming out for little sniffs

Gary coming in for the face scritch

Baker & Kyrie just hanging out

Ruby T. is still adjusting but slowly getting used to us 

We will see you on Saturday! 
AMK Team 

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