Friday, November 4, 2022

November 4, 2022


Its a lazy rainy day here at AMK!

 Millie is staying cozy 

Tari explored a new area today!

Izzy had some catnip!

Dexter and Pepper napping in the warm office!

Sven & Meow Meow hanging out and having fun with the feather toy!

Felix investigating his new grass and scratcher! Scarlett keeping watch over the office goings-on. 

Mika birdwatching from her cozy perch!

Dinah staying comfy and cute! 

Jessica maxin and relaxin!

Billie watching the feather toy!

Hugo getting ready to pounce!

Jasmine resting in her condo!

Alala enjoying some petting time! 

Rusty watching the birds on the catio!

Cloudy still feeling a little shy! 

Patrick had fun playing with the rat toy today! 

Adorable Squish being a chatterbox!

Archie getting interested in some playtime! 

Precious Sweetums snuggled up in her condo. Still feeling a little shy!

Guinness & Jasmine excited to see us!

Jiji getting some affection & Yasu showing off his adorable personality!


We will be back with more photos on Sunday! -AMK team

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