Tuesday, November 22, 2022

November 22nd 2023

 November 22nd

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

We are trying to stay dry this rainy day!

Almond loves the heating pads!

Archie likes to chill in his condo!

Azula is happy to be tucked in for a mid-morning nap!

Boo loves to hang out at the top of the stairs!

Brownie and Miso love to take naps together!

CC loves to curl up while Mango likes to stretch out!

Esme prefers to eat in privacy!

Etta loves to curl up in her bed!

Olive and Fifa like to take turns exploring!

Stolas likes to watch from his condo while Fish Sauce is happy to explore the catio!

Hamza is always ready for a photo opportunity!

Harvey loves to chill on top of the condos!

Jubilee loves to be in the office windows!

Jules likes to sleep in!

Kuma likes to help out with morning chores!

Musubi likes to sleep on the shelves of her condo!

Nina is perfecting her loaf! 

Obi likes to watch everyone from above!

Scout finally woke up to get his picture taken!

Waffles doesn't like to be disturbed from her bird watching!

Watson loves to follow you around in the cattery!

See you all on Thursday!
AMK Team 

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