Sunday, November 6, 2022

November 6, 2022

 November 6th

Happy Sunday Everyone!

We've had plenty of rain in the last few days!

Alala loves to get pets early in the morning!

Archie loves to watch the birds from the catio!

Bella and Luna are spending time on the catio in different ways!

Billie loves to watch over things from her condo!

Cloudy isn't sure he wanted to be woken up from his nap!

Dinah is taking advantage of the heated baskets today!

Felix and Scarlett like to get in morning stretches before any exploring!

Guinness and Jasmine like to watch everything from their condo!

Hugo loves to check out the highest reaches of the catio!

Jasmine loves all the attention she cat get!

Jasper is never one to pass up on some cuddles!

Jessica likes to explore of kitties condos!

Jiji and Yasu are happy to find a cozy place and take a nap!

Meow Meow and Sven love to explore the office!

Mika loves to hang out on the cat tree!

Millie loves to nap directly on the heating pads!

Mina loves to explore every nook and cranny she can find!

Nefertari loves to spend her time on top of the condos!

Nina loves to watch everybody coming up and down the stairs!

Patrick loves the chill on the shelves of the catio!

Rusty likes to be high up and look out over the catio!

Squish loves to nap in any bed he can find!

Sweetums loves to take her breakfast in bed!

We will see you all on Tuesday!
AMK Team 

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