Sunday, November 20, 2022

Novemeber 20, 2022

 November 20th        

Happy Sunday Everyone!

All the kitties are snoozing away this Sunday!

Almond loves this heated basket!

Azula is in her preferred spot under the chair!

Boo has claimed the stairs today!

Miso and Brownie are spending this morning finding different spots to nap!

Mango and CC are keeping cozy in all sorts of places!

Fifa and Olive had to be woken up from a nap for their photo today!

Goji loves to watch the birds!

Hamza loves to chill on top of the condos!

Harvey has claimed to heating pad on the bookshelves!

Kuma is snuggled up in another kitty's condo!

Nina loves the fuzzy mat on top of the condo!

Obi loves all the pets he can get!

Scout is unsure how a carrot is the same size as him!

Waffles was upset to have her bird watching interrupted! 

Watson loves to watch all the goings on form the top of the stairs!

We will see you on Tuesday!
AMK Team 

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