Friday, August 11, 2023

August 11, 2023

 August 11th

Happy Friday everyone!

Cleo and Jake both relaxing in their own space

Obi giving you a pose and doing some bird watching

Kuma relaxing on top their cubby

Goose giving you their best model impression

Felix says he is not interested and 
Scarlet says she might be interested

Milo looking at that feather at the top just before jumping for it

Tibeau getting a good stretch on the catio

Taco wants to know why we would like their picture

Cinder posing on the top of the condo

Tux would like some pets please

Waimea relaxing in their cubby

Angus looking out from the book shelf

Jules Claws is always posing

Pearly says what is this

Daniel says did you see that bird!

Bailey hanging with their almost twin Birdie

Ming likes a cozy cabin and Nimbus getting pets on their shelf

Birdie giving you that "come pet me look" 

Bondi says why did you wake me? 

Gus coming in for pets

Nala says this toy is pretty ok!

Tico enjoying the catio

Apollo says I will get a piece of this

We will see you Sunday!

- AMK team

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