Sunday, August 13, 2023

August 13, 2023

 August 13

Happy Sunday! 

Aero and Sine testing out the catio on their first day out

Cleo coming in for pets and Jake showing us a big yawn on the catio

Obi coming in for some pets and lounging on the catio

Goose coming in for a close up

Kuma ready for his close up and getting some pets from our cat handler

Felix coming out to say hi and Scarlet in her fave window spot

Taco relaxing in her cubby

Tibeau scratching away at the cabin

Waimea relaxing in her cubby and asking when dinner is! 

Jules makes friends with everyone

Pearly lounging and enjoying some window time

Bailey checking out Tibeau and exploring the shelves

Daniel found the cool spot on the catio

Bondi likes to tell us how much they enjoy the catio

Gus watching over the catio and getting some loves

Birdie lounging on the catio

Ming hanging on the catio also joining Nimbus for some exploring

Nala bird watching

Tico exploring the tops of the condos and the catio
Apollo in his fave spot and napping with Pearly

Missy enjoying the windows

Bunny and Hugo just hanging out

Hana lounging and Yuki coming in for some pets

Mr. Bingley hanging in their cubby

We will see you Tuesday!
-AMK Team

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