Friday, August 25, 2023

August 25th, 2023

August 25th

Happy Friday!

Esme showing off her little tongue!

Portia and Dexter politely waiting for dinner 
and getting some churu treats!

Isis loving the Sunshine, and Mary sound asleep!

Momo says "look how cute I can be!"
Nisa Boo says "I am cute too!"
Luke is looking extra handsome today and asking for some belly rubs

Gus Gus is a shy boy who loves being on your lap!

Harry and Iggy having some sibling time!

Helen hanging out and Patsy coming out for some pets

Johnnie Walker loves this bed. They are found there often.

Hazel looking out over the cattery

Mittens loving the catio

Alala headed back to their cubby after breakfast

Tibeau exploring the catio

Cinnamon says "I heard there might be treats?"

Marigold sitting up high on a shelf and Momo showing the scratcher who is boss

Aero and Sine exploring outside!
Kuro in their favorite basket

Musubi looking at the treat they are about to get! 

Laptop exploring the stairs and getting some time with the handlers

Nala exploring on top of the condos!

Ivy, Cora and Stewart are still 
warming up but happy to have some attention

Ruby in their favorite shelf! 

We will see you Sunday!


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