Thursday, August 17, 2023

August 17th, 2023

 August 17th

Bella and Enzo enjoying the sunny catio

RB out exploring

Esme enjoying the warm catio!

Fennec and Nagi enjoying their condo

Jules loving the catnip ball!

Apollo is all about the belly rubs!

Aero and Sine love the catio!

Beesly is daydreaming about treats!

Beltane is loving all the pets today!

Daniel found a new bed to relax in!

Lily and Duncan hanging out on top of the condos

Playtime all the time for Bunny and Hugo!

Hana and Yuki are having a lazy day!

Luli out exploring!

Jack is extra cozy!

Kuma says "wake me up when it's dinner time"

Kuro is busy bird watching!

Goldie is relaxing on the catio while Lenny and Louis prefer the A/C!

Luke is making lot's of friends, here he is saying hi to Apollo and Jack!

Maya is the chattiest girl!

Mr. Bingley hopped right on my shoulders and was so happy that he drooled on me!

Obi looking extra handsome!

Pearly helped me with the blog before taking a long nap!

Taco came out of her cozy bed to get pets!

Tibeau is loving this weather!

That's all for today, see you back here on Saturday!
-AMK Team

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