Saturday, August 5, 2023

August 2, 2023

 August 5th

Happy Seafair Weekend! 

Every kitty gets a view of the air show! 

Zuli has graduated to catio cat. He's enjoying the exploring

Quorra keeping watch on the catio

Shepard is doing a lot of exploring today

Marvin ready for his close  up

Cleo keeping watch from their basket and Jake lounging all around the catio

Oontz in his favorite spot on top of the condos

Brutus and Hyra are master nappers

Leo doing his best book impression

Obi enjoying some catnip and the cactus scratcher

Maisie taking a bath after breakfast

Charlie lounging and Percy checking out this new feather toy

Freya doing all the poses

Gary napping and showing you their balancing skills

Tula giving that after breakfast look

Kuma is always ready for a photo op

Goose playing in their cubby and a getting a little brushing

Mantou exploring all over

Beau loves to lounge on top of the condos

Felix says they will come out for catnip and
 Scarlett enjoying a little playtime before her catnip immersion

Miso likes the scratcher but would also like to see this new feather toy

Billie likes the windows and smelling new toys

Chloe bird watching 

Milo is still getting to know us but staying cozy in their cubby in the mean time

Tors exploring up high

Tibeau isn't so sure about this toy but thinks the catnip is great

Rosie posing in her condo

Taco says "no I do not want to wake up for your photo"

Cinder thinks fresh catnip is interesting 

We will see you Monday! 
-AMK Team

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