Wednesday, December 13, 2023

December 13, 2023

 December 13

Its quiet now but Christmas arrivals are starting to trickle in. Soon it will be a full house!

Star loves to be cute and talk in his sweet little voice!

Millie being friendly and curious as always!

Ruby rolling around and being a cute little stinker!

Bella keeping a close eye on everyone from her perch!

Flicker loves to be talked to and given lots of attention!

Laptop has finally begun exploring the catio! So brave!

Reign and Sounder enjoying the catio and hanging out with Millie!

Oreo and Tux finding the best napping spots!

Fennec and Nagi hanging out in their condo after running around all morning!

Dala still loving the window life, and LaQuisha staying warm and cozy in the heated bed!

Mister Sheldon and Tobi love relaxing in their condo and watching us clean!

Duncan and Lily being adorable and finding their respective places to chill for the day!

Ziggy enjoying the beautiful day on the catio!

Fifa and Olive are settling in well! They've already secured the coveted window boxes!

Salem being silly and sweet, taking their time getting settled!

We will see you on Friday! -AMK Team

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