Thursday, December 21, 2023

December 21st, 2023

 December 21st

Happy Thursday!

Alice loves to roll around!

Apollo hanging out with his friend Musubi!

Brutus and Hyra just arrived but they are already right at home!

Celia hanging on her favorite catio shelf!

Cyan is extra sleepy today!

Dala and LaQuisha are extra cozy today!

Edie loves her hidey bed!

Esme is waiting patiently for snacks!


Nagi found a sushi toy to play with while Fennec explores!

Jubilee loves the heated bed!

Kevin says "hello let me into the secret humans only room!"

Laptop saying hi to his orange friend Percy!

Maggie is busy bird watching!

Mantou found a cozy spot high up!

Waimea came out to stretch her legs and get some pets!

Mittens is channeling her inner cinnamon roll!

Orca likes exploring all over!

Percy slept in this morning but soon ventured out onto the catio for playtime!

Sounder and Reign both decided to hangout on the catio today!

Ruby loves to be cozy in the heated cabins!

Salem is the nap queen!

That's all for today
we'll see you back here on Saturday/ Caturday!
-AMK Team

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