Saturday, December 23, 2023

December 23rd, 2023

 December 23rd

Happy Saturday!

All Salem wants for Christmas is an uninterrupted snooze ­čś┤

Orca is enjoying a morning of quiet solitude with some toys!

Apollo is getting into the festive spirit!

Percy discovered that this chair had a heating pad underneath it! Now he can enjoy the outdoors and keep cozy.

Kirby is here to remind you to stay warm and snuggly this holiday season!

Midge prefers natural light over artificial, so she'd rather hang out in the window seat than be with our festive bulbs!

Charlie is so excited to spend the holidays hanging out with his feline friends, he can hardly sit still! He can be so tricky to snap a photo of when he's on the move. 

Harvey is looking handsome as ever! We love spending time with him.

Oyster is a master of holiday chill. No matter how many busy body kitties are running around him, he's got the most mellow and easy going vibe of them all!

Rori totally posed for me when I came to take her photo today! Talk about holiday card material, we've got a real model over here. 

Hana Yuki are having a great day hanging out together!

Millie is as sweet as ever, helping me out around the cattery and keeping me company!

Batman is looking SUPER handsome in his holiday bowtie! What a sweet fella. 

Azula loves being cozy!

Bernie's favorite spot in the window box!

Hyra is staying warm inside while Brutus is enjoying the fresh air!

Birdie is inspecting her clean condo!

Celia is making friends!

Cyan says "excuse me ma'am i'm tryin to nap"

Edie just woke up from a long snooze!

Esme loves her big bed!

Jubilee is super cozy in his heated bed, it's his favorite spot!

Kevin is feeling extra silly today!

Maggie likes to spend her days curled up napping!

Mantou is loving her new nap spot, she hangs out up here all day!

Waimea got lots of pets this afternoon!

Mittens is helping me with the blog!

Mac and Octane know all the best hangout spots!

Nala is spending her day on top of the condos!

Ruby in her favorite bed!

Smokey is loving her big condo!

Sounder and Reign are making lots of friends here!

Toph likes to watch all  the kitties from their condo!

That's all for today
see you back here on Monday!
-AMK Team

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