Wednesday, December 27, 2023

December 27th, 2023


The kitties are sleepy after all the Christmas excitement! Now what to do with all the leftover cookies...

Birdie is part of the greeting committee at the catio door!

Sweet Oyster is relaxing on top of the condos!

Percy is making his rounds!

Cyan making sure we keep working hard!

Zeus just woke up from a nap!

Harvey above it all, blissfully sleeping!

Charlie loves to hang out on his shelf in the catio!

Millie stretching and walking it out!

Ruby keeping cozy in her little cabin!

Esme is enjoying the peace and quiet in her condo!

Reign & Sounder dangling over the shelves on the catio!

Batman is playing nice with the other black cats!

Roxanne just woke up from her beauty sleep (not that she needs it)!

Toph staying close to the bird action!

Nala settling in to watch what everyone is up to!

Brutus & Hyra enjoying their respective sleeping spots!

                                    Petunia meowing for attention (which she promptly received)

Celia enjoying fresh air on the catio!

Kevin is always following us around!

Rori loves to meow at us from the cat tree! Cyan is not amused

Mac & Octane taking their afternoon naps!

Midge in her usual hangout!

Apollo also enjoying his usual sleeping spot on top of the condos!

Gus asking for pets. Such a sweet boy!

Hana and Yuki being funny little snowballs!

Nina being a precious little thing!

Jubilee all snug as a bug!

Azula hanging out in her condo, catnip close by!

Smokey giving a boop!

Salem still loving that cubby life!

Zuli waiting for that food room door to open!

Maggie informing everyone that she is here and she is adorable!

Clovis staying cozy on top of the condos!

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