Saturday, June 3, 2017

June 3, 2017

Happy Caterday!
We have a lot of pretty cute mug shots today.  

First mug shot is adorable Efie.

Buddy has a nose you just want to rub with.

Kashi closes her eyes ready for a big lip smack.

Mossimo pucker up!

Frankie's hair looks like an unkempt beard. Time for a brushing I think.

And our adorable foster kitties Eru and Taiko who are waiting for their forever home.   


Mossimo is getting around.

Raleigh looking pretty handsome

What giant paws you have Tana.

We found Missy hiding out in the catio cat cabin. 



Mossimo just loves the camera.

Jellybean is the cutest little bean!


Your blog host - Marie

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