Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June 28th

So many sweet ginger kitties at AMK!

 Jasmine & Rajah are best cuddle buddies 

Drake's 100 yard stare

Bella has made herself at home

A little side-eye from Rainy 

Max settles in for naptime

Lamar knows dinner comes out this door
Sorry Lamar! Not dinner time yet!

Cooper loves to show off on top of the condos

Welcome back sweet Kodiak! 

Maggie woke up just for her photo shoot

Tiggs loves laps!
...and legs!

Baby doll eyes from Grace



Rocky says rockstars need rest too!

Percy Paws!
...aaaaand back to bed

Ziggy matches his basket! 
Just a couple of old ladies visiting - Aussie and Tiggs

Such beautiful markings Zoe!

Frank has claimed his new vacation home

Andy loves the wild decor in their condo

Mr. Cat guards the files

Lopo loves his perch

Sweet Ben!

Tiger enjoys the office catios

We always know where to find Mittens

Alex adores his fancy condo

Percy prefers to watch the action

Juno surveys her kingdom

Aww Greyson almost looks like a kitten!

Thanks for checking us out! If you don't see your kitty - let us know - some kitties are camera-shy!

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