Friday, June 16, 2017

June 16th

It's the beginning of a very busy weekend at All My Kitties.  

Our photo gallery starts out with beautiful Suzy.


 Roo is just having a little afternoon cat nap.

It's easy to get Roo and Greyson mixed up.  Good thing Greyson has a nice big collar with his name on it.  


Watch out Dolly!  Someone is going to come through that door and Oops!

 This photo was taken in the middle of a yawn, but Nazale looks like she has snake teeth.

Percy looks pretty darn cozy snuggled in a blanket.

Moose is checking out the condition of my office drawer.  Maybe it needs to be tidied a little.  

We have a lot of look a like tabbies.  This is Janeway


Archer Bearcat






 Eru is such an adorable kitty and needs a new home.


 Millie has the best view in town.

 I think I missed the joke Frankie.

It must have been funny. 

Whose feet and black fur is that?



Picture perfect Teddy.


Ginger found a spot on top of the ornamental shelf.  

 Rocky just came in and has already got his spot staked out.  

Manny enjoys the outdoor catio.

Rosco in Shark bed.

Roscoe.  You are cracking me up you funny kitty.

Betty and Allison have a loving moment. 

We love this job because we are.......

Your blog host - Marie

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