Wednesday, June 7, 2017

June 7th

God made the cat to give man the pleasure of stroking a tiger.
—Joseph Méry

Happy Whisker Wednesday at All My Kitties!

Oscar is the sweetest tiger
Tiny Mavis loves her condo!

 So does Becky with the "good paw"

Welcome Ollie! He feels just like a cloud

Grayson getting warmed up and snuggled down

Suzy girl in her cuddle nest

Scout is out and about

Well hello Cali! 

 Izzy and Simba enjoying a warm patch

Sorry to wake you Raleigh!
Midnight exploring the catio - a fast favorite of his!

Missy owns this cabin! 

Candy just arrived! 

Brody loves his tent when he's not looking for head scratches

Sweet Sebastian!

Really digging the heated floor!

Gettin the eye from Mojo

Mavis is the queen of the tree!

So sad Smokey has to go home today, bye sweet boy!
Eru hoping you will be his new forever home!
Taiko says "will you take me home today?"
These American Shorthair boys are as sweet as pie and still looking for their forever fur-parents! You won't find a more loving pair of kitties, they love people, affection, and even other kitties!

Thanks for checking us out!
-your blog host, Angela

As always, if we missed your fur-baby, feel free to email for pics! Some kitties can be camera shy.

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