Saturday, June 24, 2017

June 24th

You are simply too much, Maggie!

 Sweetest Ben!

 This is Chewy's "Magnum" look.   
 Greyson would like to continue napping now.

 Jazmine is a pretty little thing!

 We are really going to miss Max when he goes home!

 Miyah can be a real clown!

 Jellybean loves to be loved!


 Tiger is having a lazy Saturday.

 Alex is very fond of this particular condo.


 Taiko putting on the charm.

 Newcomer Bela is a curious cat!

 Roo couldn't be any more relaxed.

 Welcome Ziggy!

 What a good-looking guy!

 Mittens knows how to take it easy.


 Staying cool, Lopo?

 Lamar is a sensual beast!

 Cooper made his way to the window spot. 

 Pretty boy Percy!

 Rainy is taking care of business!

Raja is the spittin' image of his namesake.

 Thumbs is keeping cool inside her basket. 

Tiggs is parked in front of the AC.  Clever girl!

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