Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26th

Its a Sleepy Monday at All My Kitties

Big yawns for Taiko - still waiting for his furrrever home!

Welcome Andy & Percy!

Lopo lounging
Percy looks so good in tartan
Snow Leopard for Adoption! (jk, its Taiko)

Minka helps with printing & faxing

Hello Mr. Cat! 

Rocky loves head scratches

Rainy's spot is behind the monitor, too cute!

Sweet Bella face
Caught! Roo & Eru

We love Chewy's stunning eyes and ring tail

Alex finds the catio to be the best place to lounge

Thumbs & Trouble! Never far away from each other

Tiggs has so much to say!

Max finds a sun spot in the catio

Toebeans from Frank

Teeny little Mittens

Tiger is ready to nap alllll day

Cooper coming to say hi!

Aww Eru 

Basso giving us his best mlem

Maggie prefers bedding that coordinates with her beautiful coat

Roo loving the catio!

What mighty claws you've got there Lamar
Greyson is quite the cuddler!

My shadows as I work

Amazing Grace

Miyah does some paperwork 

Welcome back Scout!

Majestic Miyah

Rocky the Rockstar

Thanks for checking us out! If you don't see your kitty, they may be camera shy today!

Your Blog Host,

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