Monday, September 11, 2017

Sep 11th

"One cat just leads to another"
-Ernest Hemingway

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Happy Monday from All My Kitties!

Winston all tucked in
Aww he came out to say hello

What's up Garth?

Looking so good in that tent, Ben!

Whatcha see Esme?

Wayne and Io making friends!

Sweet baby Io

We just love how Rajah drinks with his paw

Jasmine off in dreamland

Double-decker orange kitties!

Buddha loves the dome beds

Wayne enjoys some window time

Welcome Kenji!

Olive is contemplating nap time

Ollie found a great spot at the top of the stairs

Jinhao wants to help me clean and tape condos

You're too cute Simon!

Parrot loves to follow me around while I snap photos

Gorgeous Grant
Xinhao loves to be as high as possible
Marie's cat Charles gets to hang out with us!

Those big Bear eyes always get me

Marianna thinks the temp is just perfect in the catio right now

Mavis "Queen of the Catio"

Lennox has the cutest squishy face!

Komo getting braver by the day


Blueberry is such a ham! 

Aww Milo looks so precious

Bathtime for Coraline!

"This looks like a nice spot.."


"Who WAS that?"
It was Candy!

Lennox likes to hang out on the stairs

Braveheart all tuckered out



Arrow says thanks for checking out the blog!

Your blog host,

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