Monday, September 25, 2017

September 25th

Happy Monday from All My Kitties!

Emma, the sweetest secretary 

"Pet me right meow!" - Nazale
Leo checks out the weather

And decides overcast means nap time

Cozy Cooper

Typical Clovis
Ron lookin so dapper!
Ron "In da club"

Marianna gets ready for all the pets

Espresso is the sweetest boy! 

Raleigh King of the Catio

Basil do you hear the vacuum?
"Is she ever gonna stop talking?"

Mavis checking on her outside kitty beau - Charles! 
Aww sorry Mavis, he'll come visit again!

Mittens always knows how to stay cozy in the catio

Misu the love bug

Mouse has her favorite cabin

Welcome Newcomer Astro!

We always know where to find little Quorra

Proud Grant!

I just adore Nina's markings

Welcome Newcomer Sky!

Simon gets settled in for his afternoon snooze

Miss Myrtle

Venus gets braver by the day!

Hoaloha is a stunner!

Thanks for checking us out! Feel free to email for more photos of your kitties!

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  1. Ron is looking great! Especially under the neon lights :D thanks for taking care of him!