Thursday, September 7, 2017

September 7th

 Just Another Thursday

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At All My Kitties!

Esme guards the desk

Welcome Buddha!

Sweetest siblings Jasmine & Rajah

Tiny little Flora
Getting excited for a toy!

Peekaboo Arrow!
There's that handsome face!

Riley prefers the peaceful office loft

Io looking for coffee?


On the prowl...

Such a sweet little moon-kitty

Jinghao is such a love

Getting to know another sweetheart - Braveheart!

Groggy Grant 
Welcome back Ollie!

Glamorous mlem from Mika

You wanted to see it again didn't you?

Candy can't get enough of the fresh air

Blaire hardly stops moving!

Pretty Petunia

Such a model

Xinhao loves this post

Riga loves cabin that matches her eyes

What caught your eye Xinhao?

Was it playful Braveheart?

Candy hops down to say hello! 
Blueberry has amazing eyes! Reminds me of the moon this week.

Blueberry on the move
Simon is all cuddled up

This sweet boy loves to lick noses...and fingers!

Komo taking a stroll

Newcomer Parrot is wide eyed and ready for adventure

Igor taking a bath

Welcome Mew!
We just adore sphinxes!

Mew is a uniquely fuzzy one. Check out those tufts! 

But typical goofball personality! 

Braveheart loves to make friends 
Oh Riga

Pudge all tucked in

Coraline doesn't love the flash...but look at that magnificent coat!

Mavis' favourite spot outside the catio

Cats Rule!

Marianna is so curious

And so lovely! 
Oyster you handsome boy!

Io and I thank you for checking out the blog!

Your blog host,Angela & Io

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