Thursday, September 21, 2017

September 21st

 Happy Thursday from All My Kitties!

An important meeting downstairs with Espresso, Neko & Komo
Whatcha guys up to...hmmm?
Ron has a very distinguished mustache

Piper is an ancient one
Lulu nose!
Louie still prefers his own carrier for naps

Cooper finds the cutest places to hide
Case in point!

Welcome Remy!

Bathtime mlem for Lilli
Such a cute lil cuddle ball!

Minka catching up on sleep after a day of exploring
We figured Emma might like a bed in her favorite hangout spot

Ian gazes sweetly
Princess Quorra!

When Olive shakes her head she becomes...something else!

Welcome Espresso!
Espresso the Lion!!

Mavis says "you are getting very very sleepy..."

Raleigh loves the great outdoors

Marianna and her precious toe beans

Aww Taiko wants to cuddle!

Mittens lives for catio time

Simon is a veteran Bengal 


What a beautiful eye you have!

Espresso is my new blog helper today

What amazing eyes you have Basil

Nina found a nice cabin to settle in

Grant loves sunshine

Brave Olive joining us in the catio! 
Espresso making sure I take good photos today

Kitty is such a sweetie 

She's really settled in!

Get it Neko!
Myrtle all tucked in!

Taylor: life imitating art

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